Need Help For a Drug/Alcohol Problem and Not An Addict: Help Is Here!

Placerville, California, United States, November 9, 2013 – (PressReleasePoint) –


Help is finally coming for the millions of Americans who don’t want tradition drug treatment and who don’t fit into traditional categories of addiction!  Much has been made of the Affordable Care Act (“ObamaCare”), or ACA, which is coming soon. Perhaps you’re wondering how the ACA will affect getting help for an alcohol and other drug problem.  According to two experts, Dr. A. Thomas McLellan,director of the Treatment Research Institute in Philadelphia,” and David Neilsen, a Deputy Director at California’s Department of Health Services, the ACA will likely affect those consumers more than most others.  This is incredibly good news for both consumers and for those who offer services, especially moderation.


For the first time, moderation services will be covered by insurance and will be appropriate for those seeking some assistance with their drinking and other drug use behaviors that do not fit into either DSM-IV or DSM-V addiction categories.  Dr. McLellan states there are some 40 million consumers who could benefit from a change in their drug/drinking use.  Furthermore, these 40 million consumers are likely not to want 12-Step assistance, will refuse the label “addict/alcoholic”, and will request scientifically-based, modern treatment strategies (remember:  these are consumers who do not fit into DSM-characterized problem use categories but whom Dr. McLellan states are using/drinking in what he termed a “medically harmful way.”)


So, what does all this mean?  Pete Nielsen states, “Many consumers have drug/alcohol use patterns that don’t lead them to become dependent or addicted and when they have tried traditional treatments, they have found it just doesn’t fit for them; they can’t relate“  He explains, “There is a large percentage of the general population that may be able to use substances without that use ever becoming a problem. And our profession should be prepared to treat these consumers differently, as non-addicted users, rather than like those who are addicted.”  Dee-Dee Stout adds, “If we continue to treat all drug use as the same, we will continue to miss a huge number of consumers who would seek our services if they could be assured that we wouldn’t push for abstinence only, for folks to change their whole lives, and for long treatment episodes.  This could even be viewed as our profession behaving unethically as we are now – and have been for some time – required by the State and the Federal governments to treat the individual and not just their problem.”


Pete Nielsen and Willingness To Change (WTC) Corporation is one treatment center that specializes in exceptionally effective and confidential substance use disorder treatment. No matter if an individual wants to moderate, cut down or stop drinking or substance use all together, WTC believes in treating the whole spectrum of drug and alcohol issues from prevention, education, intervention, treatment and continuing care. WTC treats professionals, physicians, local business owners, and public figures as well as anyone seeking help. Prospective clients seek out Willingness To Change because they know the professionals there will give them the best possible individual care, provide the utmost in confidentiality, and assure privacy for them at all times. Willingness To Change Corporation: If you need help, we can help! Offices in Northern California and Oregon.  Call 877-644-5411 or find us at



Dee-Dee Stout Consulting is a new name for a longtime treatment provider’s services.  Dee-Dee Stout has worked in the field of addictions & health behavior change for more than 25 years.  She is an accomplished counselor, coach, and trainer as well as college lecturer currently at CSU- Monterey Bay.  An activist writer and author, Dee-Dee is committed to “pulling back the curtain” on harmful treatment practices & programs, offering the most modern & effective change strategies to her own clients, and to giving students/training participants assistance to offer their clients top-notch care.  Dee-Dee has been trained by some of the top experts on change in the world today:  William R. Miller, Scott D. Miller, (the late) G. Alan Marlatt, Patt Denning, and Robert Meyers to name but a few.  Dee-Dee can be reached at 510-919-9678 and .

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